The  Indian and Atlantic oceans meet in the Cape and you can discover the best kiteboarding playground in the world.

Cape Town as well as its beaches offer sought-after strong predictable wind and summer conditions together with both flat waters and huge waves, that collectively offers world-class kiteboarding locations both for the newbie and veteran kiteboarder.


Listed below are some Kiteboarding hot spots in Cape Town which feature the famous Table Mountain as a backdrop:

Sunset Beach


The idyllic kite spot provides 4 little parking areas along with quick access into the pebble stone beach. It’s among the first kite beaches around the west coast area and also a great spot to begin the downwind kite session. It could become congested in saturdays and sundays however less so throughout the week. If you wish to get as much riding time as is possible, Sunset beach is the first the avenue for call.

Dolphin Beach


With lots of space to kick off out of this kite spot, situated while you enter Bloubergstrand from town’s side, is a superb spot to kite downwind from. Just remember that during windy days, plenty of kitesurfers and kiteboarders out, the parking zone fills up very fast.

Kite Beach


Like the name suggests this white sandy beach is of the most famous spots to kite.There’s a lot of parking, enough to kick off your kite from and lots of kite shops and eating places close by.
Do however watch out for newbie kiteboarders, the mostly immersed shipwreck and rocks in the far end of the beach. Just for the brave at heart, this quality hardcore adventure. Be cautious though, you’re less likely of a rescue. Take safety measures since the remnants of the sunken Seli 1 is in this beach. Inquire locals in which it’s safe to kite and just what place to avoid.

Big Bay


In spite of its name, this extremely popular beach is actually not large and might get congested sometimes. You’ll see lots of car parking, dining places and kite stores providing kite lessons directly on the shore. Kiteboarders and kitesurfers have got a specified place to the right of the rocks and must stay away from the no kite zone available for swimmers and surfers in the bay itself.

Langebaan Lagoon


A bit over an hour’s ride along the west coast from Cape Town, you’ll discover Langebaan’s 2 main kite spots, Main Beach as well as Shark Bay. Without any waves, the shallow lagoon is an excellent spot for beginners to master that makes it a well known spot for kite schools. In addition it’s likewise a fantastic practice ground for expert kiteboarders to enhance their flat surface tricks. Do be informed to never leave personal belongings around the beach since the tide has got a habit of coming through to it. It’s the best spot for learning and building self confidence in your board. It will be the ideal break out of the intense conditions on Cape Town.



Muizenberg, Surfers village – in between Ocean and Mountain, among Cape Towns most southernly suburbs – is simply a 20 min drive coming from the City center. Water on Muizenberg is warm, along with safe beach break waves. For individuals who enjoy Kitesurfing, the wind statistics are definitely the most consistent throughout South Africa. Muizenberg provides a enormous stretch of uncrowded beach of numerous kilometers grabbed by constant, onshore wind.

Once the wind doesn’t blow, the beach break waves and shallow water of Muizenberg make it a perfect location for all degrees of surfers, Stand Up Paddle Surfers as well as bodyboarders with small to medium size waves busting near to shore as well as in much deeper water. Muizenberg offers the same kiting experience to one that you will experience in Europe.