2017 Switchblade Is Here

The best-selling kite of all time has gotten another upgrade for the 2017 kitesurfing season. Cabrinha is proud to present the all-improved 2017 Switchblade, which is widely known among kitesurfers as the most versatile kite on the market, with its five-strut hybrid design, draft forward profile, and fusion wing-tip shape.

For 12 years in a row this kite has been flying off the shelves because it is just such a high-performance crossover kite for any type of rider, whether they freestyle, freeride, do big air jumps, or merely want to ride the waves. But what makes the 2017 model different from previous models?

Kitesurfers will be happy to know that the kite still flies the same as the older models and that the upgrades mostly entail higher durability. On average, a kite that is used about 50 times a year will last approximately three years. We have made a few changes in the material of the canopy and bridle lines and adjusted a few sewing points, which result in less stretch. The new Volae materials have taken five years to develop, and deliver the lowest stretch available on the market. This means that the new Switchblade will be able to endure the harsh effects of the sun and wind a lot longer and you will be able to enjoy the new Switchblade for a few years more than the average kite. This is a big plus point for beginner riders who can’t afford more than one kite.

2017 Cabrinha Switchblade

We have also upgraded the sprint hose connections with a one-way airlock for faster inflation and deflation time, and the new trailing edge reinforcements afford greater stability and control.

The Cabrinha Switchblade is the perfect kite for almost all types of riders, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you like flat or choppy water, you like jumping big or riding the waves, or whether you want to ride unhooked, the Switchblade makes all of these a breeze (in both a breeze and gale-force winds).

No matter the wind conditions or the angle of attack, the five-strut design will hold the canopy true to its shape, which results in more responsiveness and control. To bridge the gap between a segmented and curved canopy, we doubled the aerodynamic control by cutting each canopy panel in half at the centre section, which provides the decisive curvature control where 90% of the kite’s performance originates.

The Switchblade’s handling is extremely predictable, with smooth power delivery which is perfect for sharp and precise turns. It has a great upwind performance, resulting in exceptionally high hang times, and is very easy to relaunch. It is perfect for the rider who wants predictability, high-end performance, style, power, and craftsmanship.

So if you are an experienced rider looking for an additional kite or want to replace an old kite, or if you want to start kitesurfing, the 2017 Switchblade is an obvious option. It is available in sizes 4 to 14, and costs the same as most other high-performance kites on the market.

Drop in at your nearest Cabrinha dealer and see for yourself why the Switchblade is the best-selling and most popular kite of all time. You may just end up never wanting to fly any other kite again.