Kai Lenny SUP Hydro Foil

Kai Lenny Red Bull

The watersports industry and watermen around the world have been going crazy over Kai Lenny’s latest stunt. The Hawaiian waterman has released a video showing him using a Hydro Foil on a stand up paddle board to down wind at unbelievable speeds and get runs that lasted 300 yards.

Check out the video below.

The internet was abuzz at these visuals but many didn’t believe that Kai could get enough speed to rise up on the hydro foil and surmised that he hd been towed into the waves as there was no photoage of him actually paddling on a wave and launching onto the Hydro Foil.

Today however Kai silenced critics with a post on his twitter and his website. Kai Lenny Twitter

“For those wondering how I get up on the SUP downwind hydro foil, it’s actually quite easy. Check it out, you… http://fb.me/7rmX2iNdd

Check out the video on his Facebook page: