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Sunset Turns

Do you love watching the spray your board kicks up as you kite? We often get mesmerized by it.
Especially during epic #sunsets like this one shot by @bergeron_vincent #kitesurf #kitesurfing #sunsetkiteboarding #kiteboarding

Langebaan Spray

So you know where this?

Always fun to throw some spray at a dry friend in he beach.
This shot is from the @cabrinhakites team while they were in #southafrica and more specifically #langebaan in #capetown
#cabrinhakitesurfing #kitesurfing #cabrinha #capetownkitesurfing #langebaanlagoon #langebaankitesurfing #kitesurfcapetown #kitesurf

Sunset Sessions

Nothing like that after #kite feeling as you watch the sun go down from the beach as the land cools and the wind evens out. That’s the feeling a a day well spent. #kitesurfing #cabrinha #cabrinhakitesurfing #daywellspent #kitesurf #kiteboard #kiteboarding #kitesports

2019 Kites

Are you excited for the new 2019 kites that will coming out for all the brands? We know we are. We can’t wait to see the new kites from #northkiteboarding vs #duotonekiteboarding

Get The Feet Wet Within The Cape – The Very Best Beaches in Cape Town

Cape Town was known by mariners because the Cape of Storms. During winter huge surges water smash their way onto (as well as over) among the most beautiful seaside walkways on earth. The Atlantic coastline outside Cape Town is fabulously attractive – however in winter it’s an issue to acknowledge exactly how stunningly, mindbreakingly wonderful […]

Among The Most Popular Watersports That Men And Women Enjoy During Vacation

Swimming must be the initial watersport that’s been used since the beginning of time, however, presently there are newer, more extreme sports which have taken over the water and they’re becoming actual destination sports. By that we mean, people are actually taking vacations to far-away destinations simply to practice their best watersport in which the […]